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  • Sculpt the dynamic four-dimensional body of an ideal body If you are an athlete, it is important to know that you can lift your body and you will be happy to see the muscles of your body again through the technique of dynamic body sculpting four-dimensional

    What is a dynamic four dimensional body sculpting?
    One of the world's leading cosmeticians, Alfred Hoyos, has created a dynamic four-dimensional body sculpting, one of the most advanced techniques in the world of body sculpting. The technique is based on the consistency of height, width, depth and movement of a person's muscles in motion and sleep.

    How is a 4-D dynamic body sculpting done?
    Liposuction of the body and its distribution to the rest of the body, to form a normal muscle mass, and must take into account many criteria before the operation is the age and gender of the male or female, and the type and shape of the body, and muscle movement in the person, .

    The difference between a four-dimensional dynamic body sculpting and a liposuction process
    When the dynamic body sculpting the four-dimensional liposuction and then redistributed in a manner consistent with the body and with the normal muscles of the person, and this is unlike the liposuction process in which the liposuction in the body without redistribution of fat, and the body sculpting dynamic four-dimensional safe When fat is removed without causing damage to the blood vessels or the skin, fat is taken from the fat areas accumulated in the body, such as the abdomen and thighs, and redistributed in areas where a muscle mass such as the lower chest or diaphragm area is to be built.

    Tightening the eyelashes with the wizzer and when the surgical intervention to remove the excess skin. Features of dynamic body sculpting process

    This process has not recorded any complications or side effects of the patient so far.

    People who performed this process showed a marked improvement in body shape and increased body muscles.

    Disappearance of tingling, skin tightening, this is another advantage of operation.

    Perform a dynamic 4-D body sculpting process
    This process takes place in one session, you do not need more sessions, and you can sign out on the same day.

    Can I practice my daily life after surgery?

    The recovery time in this process is very short. You can return to your work for up to 3 to 5 days after the procedure. You can exercise your normal life and exert muscle effort as an aerobic exercise after the surgery is completed from one to two weeks at most.

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  • What is the process of fat injection?

    It is a simple surgery in which the fat that will be injected from the fat in the body of the patient itself is taken so that the fat can be extracted and extracted from specific areas of the body such as the abdomen or thigh, and injected into another area that the patient needs to increase.

    Objectives of liposuction surgery:
    Restoring the harmonious aesthetic shape of the body or face after being affected by severe drowsiness. Overcoming the effects of aging and wrinkles in the face and some other areas of the body, such as hands and arms.

    Stages of surgery:
    This surgery has three basic stages: The fat is broken in a fat-filled area such as the abdomen or thigh using the weaser, and then suctioned. The second stage is the process of fat separation and separation.
    Phase III Transfer of fat and injected in the place to be increased.

    The process of fat injection:
    The doctor first anesthetizes the patient locally or completely as the case, and then determines the area from which the fat will be extracted from them. The doctor removes the fat after it is fertilized using the veser.

    And then filtered the mixture taken and separated fat cells, and then placed in a special injection of different size and injected according to the area agreed to be injected between the patient and the doctor until it reaches the shape and quantity required to increase. Medical patches are placed on openings in the area where the fat was taken and placed.

    After the fat injection process:
    There is a simple tumor in those areas where the fat intake is taken, but it quickly disappears after a week or two.
    You can undergo three or four injection sessions from six months to one year.

  • The women are depressed because of the fat accumulated in the body, so every woman seeks to get rid of these fats in various ways, whether through a healthy diet or exercise some of the swimming pool and walking and walking. Women dream of having a slim body and a harmonious body. Fitness is a secret of women's beauty.

    A slim woman feels she can do anything, unlike a fat woman who is unable to move or wear the clothes she loves.

    Fat is accumulated in more than one place in the body, chest, buttocks and thighs, but abdominal fat is a difficult problem to solve, because it turns after a short period to Trahl, while remaining fat located in different places in the body easy to burn through healthy food and sports.

    Getting rid of belly fat is not easy, especially in some cases such as cesarean delivery or obesity. In these cases, we resort to abdominal liposuction, which ensures that every woman dissolves abdominal fat, and to get rid of it permanently. Fatigue builds up because of excess obesity, which sometimes results from eating greedily. Sometimes the craving for food sometimes reaches the stage of food addiction. The obese person must go to nutrition clinics to follow specific diets to help get rid of these fats.

    You can now take a food addiction test to see if you are moderately eating or whether it is time to visit your obese doctor to maintain your health and your life. What is the process of liposuction? Is a cosmetic process aimed at removing excess abdominal fat, which greatly affects the appearance of women, and make them appear fat asymmetrical strength, which are simple operations that do not pose a serious risk to women's health, and no harm. When did abdominal liposuction appear? The old world did not know this type of operation, as it emerged in recent years, after the great technological revolution witnessed by the Western world, there has been a major development in medical devices, and cosmeticians began to look for new ways to remove belly fat, unlike exercise and healthy food, because Some people do not respond to these traditional ways. Over time, doctors began to discover new things and newer methods, and this process developed quickly, and spread widely in the world, especially after the increase in the proportion of obesity, recently began to use laser in the melt fat belly.